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Instantly More Time to Do What You Love!

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These days everybody is busy, I'm sure even when reading this blog you wish you had more time to do more of what you love, right? Whether it's to help you spend more time with loved ones or to help save you time so you don't have to rush as much in the morning, time is something we always need more of. What if I told you that I could show you something that would save you time and even money, what would you say?

Yes of course!

What I'm talking about is a Quooker instant hot water tap. I'm sure because they are rapidly becoming the most popular kitchen accessory to have you've already heard of them or maybe you've even seen one of your friends using one and thought 'wow that's a good idea'.

Have you every been watching TV on a Sunday night and the adverts come on and you go to try and make a quick cup of tea but the kettle takes too long and you miss the first couple of minutes of your show coming back on?

Well with an instant hot water tap that never happens!

These taps work by having a tank under your sink, when the tank fills and heats up, it stays heated at 100 degrees rather than a kettle that you have to keep reheating every time you need to make a drink.

One of the main worries people have with these taps is that they have children and don't want them to get burnt by the boiling water, I had this concern when I first saw them to! Thankfully the designers at Quooker have made sure that they're safe for family use by using a 'push, push, turn' setting on the tap so that no accidents of moving the wrong lever can happen. Even then when the tap is on and at 100 degree heat the water is aerated so it could never cause serious damage.

Hopefully that puts your mind at ease!

At Sam Davis we are huge fan's of all instant boiling water taps purely because of the testimonials and the great reviews we hear when we go back to visit our customers after a couple of months to make sure everything is still perfect for them and they're still as ecstatic with the project as when we left.
The usual comment we hear is 'I could never go back to a kettle now, this has made our lives to much easier!'. It's strange to think a kitchen tap could create such a feeling in somebody but that goes to show how brilliant Quooker taps really are!


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