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The Biggest Kitchen Trend Of The Year?

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Over the past year metal has taken over the interior design world;
From worktops, cabinet doors, shelves, tiling and sinks there is no getting away from it.

This is a perfect example I like to call this the ‘Moving Kitchen’ for its glistening metallic effect, as you can see it is available in Bronze, Gold or Titanium with three different finishes on each, it is ideal for people who appreciate and want to make a lasting impression on their home and anybody who is lucky enough to see. At the same time, its richly textured surface is designed to withstand all everyday wear and tear.

But has this historic material got competition? 

 Yes it has, whether it’s the more feminine stone on the left or the more masculine polished concrete on the right they both offer a quality and feel that has never been seen before in the heart of the home. Along with another trend that is coming back with a vengeance this year is dark wood in the kitchen after being out of fashion for a long period of time, which both of these materials come together perfectly with to create something even more stunning.

Textured finishes such as stone and concrete, will be widely available for all areas of the kitchen in 2017.
This brings new depth and a true sense of luxury!

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